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Make Your Own Eco-friendly Cat Toys

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- Video review from Olivia and foster kitten, Moon Pie

"I never thought a cat toy book would be a page-turner, but this one is. It's got witty writing, cute illustrations, insightful quotes, and fun ideas for making a kitty some great new playthings. The toys are innovative but super easy and quick to assemble. I like the eco-friendly angle too - you make the toys with stuff you already have lying around the house, like cardboard boxes, old clothing and CDs. And I love how the author uses her own cat's perspective to rate the cat toys. This is an excellent gift for cat-loving friends and relatives."

- N.Bruckner

"I purchased a number of these books as gifts for family and friends over the holidays. The books were very well received! So well received, that a friend I hadn't purchased a book for saw and started leafing through it. Minutes later, she wrote down the author name and title to purchase her own! I gave her my copy, and have put a second order for a few more.

The book is a fun read. It caters to both lazy and hyperactive cats, and has helpful insight into what type of toys your cat might respond to.

I would recommend this book to anyone with a cat. My cat hasn't been the same since. ;) "

- Matthew MacGillivray

"I was amazed at how creative these toys are! Finally I can give my cat toys it will ACTUALLY play with. For years I've bought her toys I thought would be so cute and fun.. but she takes one look at them and decides a twist tie is a much better thing to play with. That's what's cool about this book, it's a way to make even more interesting things out of the things she tries to play with anyway. I think she's really happy we got this book.. and I mean who couldn't love a toy called the Wrestle Sausage! I like the idea of using things I already have too, with money being tight I feel like I can spoil her but don't even have to spend any money... both kitty and mommy approved.. 5 stars!"

- E. Folsom

"Originally bought this book for my daughter to keep her busy on rainy days entertaining an equally bored cat. Have now had this book 2 weeks and it's so good I'm yet to hand it over!

Clever, funny and whilst obviously being a labour of love this book sets out incredibly well how you and your cat can be eco-friendly and still have a ridiculous amount of fun.

Purrrr-fect for all ages of owner and cats alike - this book dosn't go all 'preachy' and 'hippy' on the reader it's more based on a common sense approach to using what you've got.

Being from England, some of the brand names are unknown but logic points you in the right direction. Worth every penny and highly recommended, this book simply is a must for anyone with a cat. My cat concurs with every word!"

- F. Turner

"Ricky loves the sweeper toy from the toilet paper roll."

- Brandy F.

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