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Make Your Own Eco-friendly Cat Toys

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Media Highlights
  • Feb 2009, The Daily Cat, a weekly column that is nationally syndicated to ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC websites. The following are links to a sampling of the dozens of sites which featured the story:
    • ABC KTNV Channel 13 in Las Vegas, NV ( PDF | Link )
    • NBC KVOA News 4 in Tucson, AZ ( PDF | Link )
    • CBS WTOL News 11 in Toledo, OH ( PDF | Link )
    • FOX 29 WFLX in West Palm Beach, FL ( PDF | Link )
  • Mar 2009, Modern Cat, online blog for cat owners with modern style. The topic of making homemade cat toys struck a chord with readers, inspiring over 300 comments. ( Link )
  • May 2009, San Jose Cat Examiner, the online insider source for everything local. ( Link )
  • Jul 2009, 573 Ways to Save Money, book written by Peter Sander and Jennifer Sander to be released by The Lyons Press. The book will feature a money-saving idea from Make Your Own Cat Toys.
  • Aug 2009, ALL YOU, a Time Warner publication. Upcoming issue will feature cat toy ideas from Make Your Own Cat Toys.

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