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Make Your Own Eco-friendly Cat Toys

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For Charities
We donate 10% of our profits to animal welfare and environmental 501(c)(3) organizations. We're passionate about sharing our abundance with as many hard-working and deserving organizations as possible. In additon to donating 10% of our profits, we also offer a special program where we donate up to 25% of book sales revenue before expenses and also publicize your organization on our website and blog. If you'd like to learn more, please read the 4 simple steps to participate.

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Organization

Who are you? Where are you located? How big is your organization and how do you make a difference? What's your website address? After learning about your organization, we'll add you to our list of charities for consideration for donating 10% of our profits to.

Step 2: We'll Set Up a Free Online Store Just for Your Organization

If you'd like the opportunity to receive potentially more donations, we'll set up a free online store just for your organization.

When someone visits the store and purchases a book using a special tracking code exclusively for your organization, you'll receive 16% to 25% of the cover price in donations. That's anywhere from $2 to $3 per book. It's automatic — you don't have to take orders or deliver any books. Our publisher, CreateSpace (part of the group of companies), will handle the order processing and shipping and handling of books.

Every three months, we'll tally up the sales through your online store and send you a donation based on the book sales.

Step 3: Tell Your Supporters About Your Store

It can be as simple as including a link on your website, a short blurb in your newsletter, word-of-mouth or even handing out flyers at your events or in communications such as animal adoption welcome packages. We can help you by providing customized coupons and flyers, custom banner ads for your website, cut-and-paste copy, and even story ideas for your newsletter such as 8 simple tips for greening a cat or helpful hints on how to make your own cat toys. The more people you tell, the more likely you'll have even more book sales and even more dollars in donations.

Step 4: Get Free Publicity on Our Website and Blog

From time to time, we'll feature your organization on our home page and in the Special Offers section of our website. Make Your Own Cat Toys has appeared in The Daily Cat, an online weekly that's nationally syndicated to ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX websites. Some of our toy ideas will also be featured in the August 2009 edition of All You magazine with a circulation of 900,000 readers. Just imagine the number of cat lovers who will visit our site and who will also have the opportunity to learn about your organization.

By letting your supporters know about our eco-friendly cat toy book, you'll also be helping to promote eco-conscious choices for cat toys. We think this is newsworthy and we'll write a story about your organization on our popular blog, It's the only blog dedicated exclusively to greener living ideas for cats and cat lovers.

That's It — Get Started Today

Simply click the "Sign-up Today" button to let us know about your organization.

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