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Make Your Own Eco-friendly Cat Toys

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About the Book
FurballMake Your Own Cat Toys was written, illustrated and designed by Holly Tse. The book has been featured on The Daily Cat, an online weekly that's nationally syndicated to ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC websites and has also appeared in Modern Cat and the San Jose Cat Examiner. Holly was recently interviewed by All You, a Time Warner publication.
The inspiration for this book was Furball, the cat. When Furball was a kitten, he was 100% hyper-adrenaline 24/7 with a limitless appetite for play. He would play for 16 hours straight without sleeping. Sometimes he would play so hard that he would start panting, but then he kept right on going. Out of necessity to preserve her pant legs and avoid unsightly scratches all over her arms (and face, but that's another story), Holly began inventing her own cat toys.
She had an eye for picking out favorite toys for friends' cats and dogs and used this talent to create dozens of toys that cats love. After developing quite a compendium of toy ideas, she noticed that most of the toys were made from everyday things or recycled items. Thus, the idea for Make Your Own Cat Toys - Saving the Planet One Cat Toy at a Time was born.
With no previous publishing experience, Holly learned about the self-publishing process and taught herself how to write and design a book as well as use a graphics tablet and desktop publishing software. Make Your Own Cat Toys went from a partially finished manuscript to a bona fide book in less than three months.
From the thousands of self-published titles in its catalog, CreateSpace selected Make Your Own Cat Toys to represent the high quality of their print-on-demand services at BookExpo America 2009, the largest book publishing event in North America. The title has also received high praise from a book industry professional who has packaged a New York Times bestselling series. Make Your Own Cat Toys demonstrates that anyone with a passion to share their ideas can create a quality book.
About the Author
Holly Tse is a Green Cat Expert. She is a lifelong environmentalist and has been promoting green causes since she was seven years old and wrote the government to ask what they were doing to stop acid rain.
She is also an ardent cat lover and has spent hundreds of hours playing with cats. She is somewhat abashed to admit this number is probably closer to 2000 hours or 83 full days of her life.
Her blog, "Green Little Cat", is the only blog that is dedicated exclusively to greener living ideas for cats and cat lovers.
About Furball
Furball's favorite activities are eating, napping and playing. He lives a green west coast lifestyle. Make Your Own Cat Toys is the first book to be written about him and he expects many more to follow.
For more eco-friendly tips and to stay up on Furball's antics, please visit:

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